My Home

This photo shows my network and audio distribution. One monitor is for my ESXi server and the other is for the CCTV system.

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Home Automation

I have been into home automation for about 15 years now and started with the old X10 products. I currently use Homeseer and Insteon products and have had great luck with the system. Being a programmer, I love the ability to create logical if, then, else statements to completely automate my home.

Web Development

I've been doing web site and web based application development for about 15 years now. I recently started the transition from Windows to Linux and am starting to learn PHP. I've been using MySQL for many years and am making the switch to MariaDB. I chose CentOS for the Linux platform for servers and have been playing with different distros for desktops/laptops.

Information Technology

I work as a IT Manager during the day where I manage Windows and Linux servers in a Windows domain.

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