• Force a Full or Differential backup in Bacula using bconsole.

    If you are running Bacula on a schedule where you do Incremental, Differential and Full backups and your full or Differential backup fails, when you run the job again, the job will run as Incremental.  To force a full or differential backup, you need to use bConsole and use the RUN command and made a modification to the level.  This is very easy to do as you can see from the video above.

    Basically, you will SSH into the server and run the following…

    1. bconsole (enter)
    2. run (enter)
    3. 1* (job number you want to rerun) (enter)
    4. mod (type mod then enter)
    5. 1 (select level then enter)
    6. 1* (select the level type using the number then enter)
    7. yes (type yes to run the job and hit enter)
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