• CentOS 7 Emergency Mode on boot/reboot with RAID mounted

    I recently built a system for backups and installed Centos 7 on it along with Bacula.  The system has an Intel Raid card built into the motherboard and since the installation DVD discovered the 24TB RAID, I figured I’d be good to go.  I will be using the RAID array for backup files and have another SSD in the system for the boot drive.  The system would boot fine after installation and I was able to mount the RAID as “backups” with no problems.  The issue came after a  reboot once the RAID was mounted and the system would only boot into Emergency Mode.  When I hit ESC, it showed that it was unable to mount the “backup” mount.  Hitting Control R would allow the system to boot fine and the “backups” mount would work fine so I knew it had to be a simple fix.

    What I had to do was to have the system wait until the network was up before mapping the drives (Wait until network interfaces are up).  Since I have Webmin installed, I was able to change the setting under Drive and Network Filesystems but I looked at the fstab file (/etc/fstab) to see what the difference was between the two.  Below are the changes that Webmin made so I’m sure that you could use nano or vi to edit the /etc/fstab file.

    Boots into Emergency Mode:

    /dev/md126    /backups    ext4    defaults    0    0

    Works perfect and waits until network is up before mapping:

    /dev/md126    /backups    ext4    _netdev    0    0

    So changing “defaults” to “_netdev” solved the issue for me and the system will boot/reboot without any issues now since it gives it time to boot the onboard RAID controller before trying to mount the array.

    Hope this helps anyone else who is facing this issue.




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